Links for Today's Farmer

  • The New Farm -, a website dedicated to today's farmer and the issues locally and internationally that affect the farming industry (from the Rodale Institute).
  • Selling Tips at Farmers' Markets - . Nina Planck is the founder of the Regional Food Council and has written 22 successful tips.
  • CropChoice - , an American farming news site.
  • Chenango County Farm Bureau - , the Bureau is one of 52 counties that make up the over 35,000 membership of New York Farm Bureau. Find out about membership, news, discounts and more.
  • New York Farm Bureau - , a volunteer organization (and member of the American Farm Bureau Federation), financed and controlled by families for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agriculture industry.
  • Cornell University site - is managed by the Northeast Training & Support Network for Agricultural Development. The site was created by a consortium of Northeastern organizations devoted to protecting farmland and strengthening farms. They promote smart farming — they call it “smart ag” — AND smart growth. This is good reading for everyone. Smart Ag has many other links to helpful websites.
  • American Farmland Trust - , working to save farmland in the U.S.
  • The Daily Star's, "2003 Farm Yearbook" - , has interesting farming articles.

Links to the Chenango County Cornell Cooperative Extension

  • Chenango Cornell Cooperative website: , for lots of horticulture and natural resources info., publications, advice, and links.
    The Chenango Cornell Cooperative will also give you a free soil ph analysis, and on-site farm technical assistance. Contact Carrie Edsall at or (607) 334-5841 Ext. 12.
  • " Guide for Locally Grown Products" - , published by the CCE of Chenango County. It lists producers, growers and others with local products in the Chenango County area. Listings are free, and they're looking for businesses to add.